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Thousands of migrants are marching in a caravan across Central America to the U.S. border as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set for talks later today with the president of Mexico. The migrants are reportedly fleeing violence in Honduras and searching for economic opportunity in the U.S.. They were last reported in Guatemala and heading toward the Mexican border. President Trump on Twitter threatened to cut foreign aid to countries that didn't turn back the caravan.        The President says it appears that a missing Washington Post journalist is dead. Trump was pressed by reporters about Jamal Khashoggi [[ ka-SHO-gee ]] yesterday. He said If Saudi Arabia is found to be responsible for his death, there would be very severe consequences. Khashoggi was a harsh critic of the Saudi government who vanished after entering the Saudi consulate in Turkey on October 2nd.        Hurricane Michael claims another life a week after it hit the Florida coast. Gulf County, Florida Fire Coordinator Brad Price was killed yesterday while clearing debris caused by the storm. The sheriff's office says a tree fell on his tractor. The 49-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. At least 34 other deaths have been blamed on Hurricane Michael.       The co-founder of Facebook says repealing the Trump tax cuts could pay for a 500-dollar monthly worker income. Chris Hughes spoke on CNBC Thursday and said less than a third of Americans have reaped the benefits of Trump's tax cuts, while the cost of living continues to rise. On Thursday, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris of California introduced a bill that would provide monthly payments of up to 500-dollars to low-income families.       The New York City police union is joining the families of murdered cops to try and keep their killers from getting parole. The New York State Parole Board is considering the release of four men who carried out the orders of a drug kingpin in 1988 and murdered 22-year-old Police Officer Edward Byrne, who was guarding the home of a witness in the case.        The Denver Broncos end a four-game losing streak by picking off the Arizona Cardinals. The Broncos returned two interceptions for touchdowns in the first quarter, and blasted the Cardinals 45-10 on Thursday Night Football. The Broncos improve to 3-and-4. The Cardinals continue to struggle, and are now 1-and-6.