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There's more hot and potentially record-breaking temps on the way heading into the weekend. Forecasters say excessive heat warnings are in place from the Rockies to the East Coast, with as many as 30 cities looking at the possibility of record highs. Additionally, more than 120 cities could set a record for the warmest overnight temperatures.        President Trump says he's unhappy with Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan [[ ILL-han ]] Omar, saying he believes she hates the U.S. and is "lucky to be where she is." Trump discussed the chants of "send her back" at his rally in North Carolina this week, saying he disagrees with what the crowd did. Trump said although he didn't support the chants, he called the supporters at the rally "incredible patriots."       A U.S. citizen is being charged with helping ISIS as a sniper and weapons instructor. According to the Justice Department, Ruslan Asainov is a naturalized citizen from New York who made the trek to Syria in 2013 to join ISIS. He will make an appearance in a Brooklyn federal courtroom this afternoon.        Athens, Greece is recovering after being startled by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake this morning. The quake initially hit around 14 miles northwest of Athens with seven aftershocks following. There were no immediate reports of injuries and officials are assessing the damage. Because of its fault lines, Greece is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in Europe.        A group of homeless people are suing the City of Los Angeles. The federal lawsuit filed this week claims city crews went into homeless encampments and unlawfully seized and destroyed property that belonged to people living on the streets. Lawyers for the homeless group say the city is using a municipal code which justifies the practice, but they believe that the code is unconstitutional.        Maverick is back. Tom Cruise showed up at San Diego Comic-Con Thursday to unveil the new trailer for the upcoming sequel to the 1980s classic "Top Gun." "Top Gun: Maverick" will hit theaters in 2020 and features Cruise reprising his role as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. He's now an instructor at the Top Gun school alongside Val Kilmer, back as Tom "Iceman" Kazansky."