House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is praising the order requiring the IRS to hand over former President Trump's tax returns to Congress. The California Democrat called it "a victory for the rule of law" and a national security issue. The Justice Department's decision comes as the former commander-in-chief has long refused to hand over his tax documents.       The CDC is calling on Americans to take the COVID-19 pandemic more seriously as concern grows over the Delta variant. Multiple reports say an internal document called the variant that's sweeping across the country "highly contagious." It also explained those who are vaccinated can spread the virus easily.       Some Royal Caribbean Cruise passengers are in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. A spokesperson confirmed six people aboard the ship that left from The Bahamas last weekend have the virus. The cruise line says four of the six passengers were vaccinated and the other two aren't old enough to get the vaccine.       President Biden is announcing the U.S. delegation to the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games. UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield will lead the American delegation to the event that marks the end of the Summer Games. Two others will join her.        Willie Nelson will perform on the steps of the Texas Capitol over the weekend in support of voting rights. The country music legend called a GOP-backed bill "unAmerican" because of its effect on low-income neighborhoods. Texas Republicans want to roll back expansions made to voting during COVID.        The state of New York is declaring baseball its official sport. The move was made official when the legislation got Governor Andrew Cuomo's signature. His office notes the bill was first proposed by a fourth-grade class at Cooperstown Elementary School as Cooperstown is home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.