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The former campaign chief for Donald Trump is the star witness for the House Judiciary Committee. Corey Lewandowski [[ loo-ann-DOW-ski ]] was before the panel today as it investigates alleged presidential obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Opening the hearing, New York Democrat Jerry Nadler slammed the White House for trying to limit Lewandowski's testimony by citing executive privilege. He said the White House has no authority to throw up such roadblocks.        The secretary of state is visiting the Middle East to gather information on an attack at an oil facility over the weekend. Mike Pompeo will spend the next few days in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to discuss the United States' response to the attacks. American officials have new intelligence that shows cruise missiles fired on the major Saudi oil facility came from an Iranian territory.       Chuck Schumer is calling out Mitch McConnell. The Senate's minority leader is demanding the majority leader brings a House-passed background check bill to the floor for debate. Speaking today at the Capitol, the Shumer said "if the loopholes in our background check system persist, our efforts to curb gun violence will not be successful."        Donald Trump is looking to end California's strict pollution standards for cars. According to reports, Trump will announce Wednesday that he's removing states' ability to create tougher tailpipe rules. California and more than a dozen other states have standards that are higher than the federal government. Earlier this year, California held secret negotiations that ended with four major automakers agreeing to voluntarily boost fuel efficiency.        A pair of former presidents are mourning the passing of acclaimed broadcast journalist Cokie [[ COKE-ee ]] Roberts. Roberts died of complications from breast cancer at the age of 75 Tuesday. In a series of statements, George W. Bush called Roberts a friend and a talented, tough and fair reporter. Barack Obama said Roberts was a trailblazing figure in a field dominated by men.       There could soon be a new way to fight the flu without getting a shot. Researchers at the University of Rochester have created a patch that sticks on the skin. They tested it on mice and say it worked. More testing is needed to figure out other things such as how long the flu patch should stay on. If successful, this could be a breakthrough in vaccinating a lot of people quickly and cheaply.