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President Trump and Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden are targeting battleground Pennsylvania. Trump will hold a campaign rally in Montoursville [[ mon-TOURS-ville ]] this evening, two days after the former VP hosted a big event in Philadelphia. Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 and the Keystone State is a key part of his re-election strategy. Biden grew up in Scranton and often touts his Pennsylvania roots.        A suspect is in custody after allegedly shooting and killing a police officer and injuring two others at an Alabama trailer park. Grady Wayne Wilkes was captured this morning. The shooting took place in Auburn as police were responding to a domestic disturbance. Police say Wilkes was dressed in camouflage and body armor when he shot the officers.       U.S. military members in Iraq are on high alert following a rocket attack. Reports say a single rocket landed outside the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, but there is said to be no casualties. The Trump administration recently ordered U.S. diplomatic personnel out of the region due to heightened tensions with Iran. Trump tweeted on Sunday that "if Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran."        The Plains could be seeing more severe weather today. Forecasters say thunderstorms could produce strong twisters and other dangerous weather across parts of the southern Plains. Saturday's storms knocked out power to more than 150-thousand homes and businesses in Texas and Iowa.        Ford said today it is laying off about seven-thousand white-collar workers. That amounts to about ten-percent of its global workforce. The company says it's part of a restructuring plan that will save the number-two automaker about 600-million-dollars annually.        Arnold Schwarzenegger is okay after being blindsided and dropkicked at a sporting event in South Africa on Saturday. In a video, the 71-year-old former governor of California is seen filming a jump-rope competition on his Snapchat when a man jumps up and kicks him in the back. The man was detained and Schwarzenegger said he didn't even realize he was kicked.