A Georgia congresswoman is apologizing after saying coronavirus restrictions are similar to the Holocaust. While at the Holocaust museum in the nation's capital, Marjorie Taylor Greene said she understands why the comparison was offensive.. She noted there is nothing that compares to the Holocaust.       Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is joining a DC-based U.S. appellate court. The Senate confirmed her for the seat Attorney General Merrick Garland held before he took over the Justice Department. Jackon is viewed as a possible Supreme Court pick in a Democratic administration.       A 17-year-old is in police custody after a Central Texas mass shooting over the weekend. Police are accusing Jeremiah Tabb of aggravated assault after a shooting in Austin left one dead and 13 injured. There is also a second juvenile in custody.       A private faith-based 9-1-1 response team is coming to Flordia. Govenor Ron DeSantis signed the law recognizing Hatzalah. It will be located in Jewish neighborhoods and use local and state-certified E-M-T volunteers as responders.        Fans are speculating Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady and Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes may be in the upcoming Madden 22 video game. The first teaser trailer shows Peyton Hillis, walk out of a barn with two goats and says "They did it again." Goats, or GOAT [[ pronounced goat ]], is a common acronym used in sports for "Greatest Of All Time." Madden's twitter account says fans will find out for sure what it meant on Thursday morning.