Brien Calls For At Least Three Debates In The House Of Representatives District 49 Race


Jon D. Brien, candidate for the open House of Representatives seat in District 49, called for “at least” three debates prior to the November 8th election.  “I think it is vital to the voters of the City of Woonsocket and the Town of North Smithfield that the candidates articulate exactly where they stand regarding the many complex issues faced by District 49, and the State of Rhode Island as a whole. Political platitudes may be convenient during a campaign, but actually doing the job is a whole different story.  I want the voters to know what the candidates plan to accomplish in regard to issues such as taxation, election security, public safety, business climate, economic development, among other vital issues”.


As for a location or venue for these debates, Brien went on to say “I would very much like to do a ‘one on one’ at both of our local radio stations here in Woonsocket.  Further, I would like it if an independent organization, such as the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce, the Hospitality Association, or the League of Cities and Towns could host a forum.  Of course, I’m willing to go anywhere, at anytime, for a debate with my opponent at a place of his choosing or where he may feel most comfortable”.


Brien concluded by stating “Unless we allow the voting public to hear what we as candidates have to say, I don’t believe that we provide them with the opportunity to make an informed decision.  Debate is a key component of serving in the Legislative branch of government, and if we as candidates cannot debate prior to serving our constituents, then clearly we aren’t up to the task of being an elected official”.


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