Woonsocket City Council Member Garrett Mancieri Announces Candidacy for R.I. State House of Representatives District 51


        Garrett S. Mancieri is announcing his candidacy for State House Representative of Woonsocket and Cumberland’s District 51.  The seat is currently being held by Representative Robert Phillips, who announced his candidacy for Woonsocket Mayor in 2024 after serving 14 successful years as State Representative.  Mancieri served on the Woonsocket City Council from 2013 to 2016 and from 2022 to the present.  During his tenure, he focused on restoring fiscal stability and exiting the budget commission, reducing residential and commercial tax rates, securing bond rating increases, and making critical investments in infrastructure, parks, and schools.  

        Mancieri champions improving education, economic growth, housing development, government transparency, and eliminating excessive business regulations. His accomplishments include legislation to make Woonsocket more business-friendly by removing or reducing regulations and license fees, introducing pro-business zoning changes, including the Downtown Overlay District, and a more open government with a new City website and public solicitation for City Council-appointed boards. In 2018, Councilman Mancieri, working for the City of Woonsocket, launched a comprehensive commercial properties database, a grant application for a boat launch in Market Square, and a successful proposal to bring a higher education center to the City.  In his second term, his objectives included expanding the Downtown Overlay District, supporting a new state-of-the-art sports and recreation complex at Cass Park, increasing government transparency with monthly reporting, and correctly using federal ARPA funds to address Woonsocket’s most significant needs.  

        "I feel extremely grateful and humbled to have the opportunity and privilege to represent the community that I love deeply. As a lifelong resident, I have dedicated myself to making important contributions to benefit my friends and neighbors, says Mancieri.  He continues, "I believe my policies as a Councilman have positively impacted my community, and I will be able to create more opportunities for my community if I am elected District 51 State Representative. I will work with my colleagues to ensure my district has a strong voice and is properly represented in the state."

        As State Representative, Councilman Mancieri will continue to focus on providing a more robust economy by creating a business-friendly environment, ensuring that all children have access to an excellent education, supporting Speaker Shekarchi’s legislation to address our housing crisis, combating the opioid crisis, and reducing domestic violence. In addition to his work as Councilman Mancieri has a strong history of community involvement, including Chairman/Executive Director of the Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative from 2015-2021, the Autumnfest Steering Committee 2017-2022 (Chair 2019-2021), the Woonsocket Education Department Facility & Building Sub-Committees, the Woonsocket Head Start and Child Development Association (Chair 2020-2023), the Beacon Charter School Board (Chair 2020-2023), the Sojourner House Community Advisory Board, the Northern RI Board of Realtors, the Main Street Holiday Stroll Committee, the Levitt AMP Woonsocket Committee, and the Woonsocket Democratic City Committee.

        Mancieri, a 2002 graduate of Cumberland High School who earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Rhode Island College, is self-employed as a licensed commercial and residential broker/owner of Mancieri Real Estate.


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